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May Holidays Giveaway!

Raid CM May Holiday Giveaway
Win a CM or any raid giveaway with [Rise]! Sign up for our May event and bag your preferred CM or normal mode boss.


How to enter

Enter by filling in the form and mention which CM you would like to win! 

The fine print

Discord name is optional but will make it easier for us to notify the winners!

Prizes can not be traded, transferred, or gifted. The account name provided when entering the raffle will be taking the spot in the run.

Duplicate entries will be deleted. 

We give away all raid and strike CMs, HT CM excluded.

How we raffle the winners

Winners will be drawn on the 16th of May and notified in-game/discord, prizes will be received in the week after 16th of May, dates and times are flexible so we will schedule a suitable time for our winners! 

Don't want to lose out? [Rise] is offering 2 for 1 CM sells all the way up to to the King's Coronation. Bring a friend or parter to any CM and only pay for one spot - reach out to us and quote "2for1CMSpecial" (HT CM not included). You can find us on the raid LFG, or submit an inquiry form here.



Enter Here

Good luck!

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